Blockshipping is creating the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP), which is both the first real-time registry of the world’s 27 million (approx.) shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the global container shipping industry. The GSCP platform will result in industry savings of USD 5.7 billion annually through smarter handling of shipping containers, and it will reduce the global CO2 emissions by at least 4.6 million tons annually.

The first customer announced

Blockshipping has already announced that the first customer has signed up for the GSCP platform. The name of the customer is still confidential, but it is a global container carrier international rank of 10-20. The first video showing a prototype of a vital part of the GSCP platform has also been released.

High reward on contributions

Blockshipping has developed a unique Revenue Sharing Model giving back a substantial cut of ALL future revenue on the GSCP platform to the owners of Blockshipping’s CCC tokens.

Blockshipping is basing the model on conservative revenue estimates where they expect to reach a turnover of some USD 30.7 million in just over four years and at that stage giving the CCC holders a yearly reward of around 20 percent. On top of this comes the potential increase in the price of CCC.

Blockshipping’s GSCP platform is based on blockchain technology and other leading technologies and the model is scalable from day one. Blockshipping expects the platform to reach a USD 1 billion turnover in around 10 years. At that stage, the CCC token holders will get a yearly reward of more than 113% (calculated on the basis of the initial price per CCC of USD 0.62).

The accumulated reward for the CCC holders would, according to projections, at this stage exceed 400% in accumulated revenue share alone. On top of this comes the potential increase in the value of the CCC token.

Not only will contributor receive the revenue share based on the number of tokens bought during the ICO, but also get additional revenue share from the new CCC tokens that they will receive on an ongoing basis if they decide to keep them. This system is based on a reverse Dutch auction model (see more about the revenue sharing model in this video

When fully developed the GSCP platform will include more than 34 different products and services all related to the global handling of freight containers for a wide range of shipping industry partners – and all contributing to the revenue generation and the subsequent payout through the revenue sharing model.

Latest important partnerships

Highly renowned MakerDAO reached out to Blockshipping offering them a partnership. One of Denmark largest and most recognised IT companies, NNIT (Novo Nordisk IT), also announced a strategic alliance with Blockshipping on May 17.
And just today (May 27) Blockshipping has announced a collaboration with AWS Nordic.

Here are some of Blockshipping’s tracker list ratings
TrackICO: 5/5
Wiser ICO: 5/5
ICO Calendar: 5/5
ICO Street: 4.8/5
Foundico: 7.8/10
ICO Marks: 8.1/10
ICO Stock24: 4.2/5 – “Best ICOs – category: Transport & Logistics.”
ICO Bench: 4/5
ICO Token News: 4.5/5


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