Blocknubie today announces it will partner with Monalin Management Services Ltd to handle the investor relations of the contributors following its successful Private Pre Sale.

Monalin was formed in 1999 to offer trust, directorship, accounting, administration and company secretarial services to corporate clients. It has recently entered the Blockchain sector where it will bring its deep investor relations knowledge and good governance practice to this fast moving industry. David Newsome is the founding director of Monalin, as well as holding the position of Chief Financial Controller with Blocknubie.

Loughlin Nestor says: “This is a terrific partnership with Monalin as David and his team are experienced directors skilled at managing investor relations. By partnering with Monalin, we can ensure we are adopting best practice and transparent compliance with investor treatment.”

Monalin will oversee the process whereby investors will be reached out to and brought formally into the Private Pre Sale by following through on the pledges. “We shall also establish lines of communication between the investors and Blocknubie, keeping the stakeholders informed of all news going forward, including the second and third funding options,” says David Newsome.

Post funding, Monalin will step into the role of back office services for Blocknubie looking after the accounting, administration and ongoing fund management. Such was the success of the Pre Private Sale, the management of Blocknubie have pushed out the start date of the Public Pre Sale to April 2nd . This is to give the team time to reach out to the large number of investors and to prepare for the Public Pre Sale.

Article by Jillian Godsil

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