Loughlin Nestor, founder of Blocknubie, outlines his journey in Blockchain and how over the past year his project has evolved even as the industry and technology evolves. Blockchain is a living breathing technology.

Explain your journey to blockchain?

I am the founder of Blocknubie, a decentralized platform powered by a multidisciplinary team passionate about creating sustainable blockchain businesses.

Briefly describe Blocknubie?

Blocknubie allows for the democratization of complex, expensive and out-of-reach technology solutions to business users en-mass. Blocknubie provides the user with a set of strategic technology solutions to guide them through the complex steps of developing and scaling their business. Blocknubie’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform enables startups and established business to avail of a suite of advanced AI solutions to integrate, accelerate, automate and scale their blockchain business.

Both AI and blockchain involve technical complexity and these technologies will have enormous business implications in the coming years. The convergence of these two ground-breaking technologies will lead into unprecedented modernization and progress with Blocknubie as one of the main driving forces. The market for AI is predicted to have an impressive growth of 36.1% CAGR with a valuation of USD 3,061 billion within the period of 2016 to 2024.  Big data analytics which will form an integral part of Blocknubie’s market is set to earn a revenue of around USD 275 billion in the next 5 years. (2023)

What appeals to you about blockchain?

Blockchain startups  and established companies are often overwhelmed at the initial process where multiple channels of information and fragmented technology silos open to them. We aim to simplify and automate the process from ideation through to customer acquisition.
The Blocknubie team strongly believe that all sectors will have the opportunity to incorporate Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence  into their business. It has been estimated that more than 90% of startups will fail, many of which are due to entirely solvable issues. Growth, deep domain knowledge, business modeling, blockchain adoption and customer acquisition are some real problems in this rapidly evolving market

How is Blockchain Changing the World of Startups and SMEs?

Blockchain technology is taking business by storm because its transparent ledger reduces costs usually funneled towards brokers and other financial arbitrators and when you augment this offering with Artificial Intelligence you really have a powerful solution. Startups and established companies from all over are taking advantage of this model and leveraging it to their advantage. ICOs could be the future of investing: such a transformative approach to fundraising that enables consumers to benefit more directly from the popularity of new technologies than they would if they owned a traditional stock.

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