Blocknubie, the emerging open source platform that acts as a bridge between off-chain organizations, startups and the blockchain ecosystem, that launched in early February is now looking at capping 1000 ETH or the equivalent 3,500,00 NUB Tokens aside as a special placement for investors.

This is a very composed and smart tactical offer that should appeal to the discerning investors in the blockchain marketplace. Effectively the limited supply of NUB Tokens will be available as follows, according to CEO of  Blocknubie Loughlin Nestor.

“We decided after taking into account the time frame required to build a global startup ecosystem, to pause and take stock after what has been a whirlwind, with nearly 29,000 Community Members. One change that we wanted to effect was to come up with an approach that would suit a certain sector of the Investor sector.”

The advanced placement is structured as follows. There will be  3.5 Million NUB Tokens set aside for this exclusive offer, capped at 1500 ETH. The minimum contribution is 20 ETH, available as follows and for a limited period only

– 35 % Bonus up to the 20th April
– 30 % Bonus from 20th to the 28th April

The innovative platform targets the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who wish to expand and operate in what is becoming a rapidly expanding blockchain market. With a focus on facilitating blockchain start-ups, Blocknubie’s mission is to provide for all necessities throughout the initial launch process and beyond. It achieves this with an impressive arsenal of digital assets including: development tools, advisory services, API libraries, blockchain educational resources and, most importantly, the opportunity for both capital and investment.

By offering a simplified and tailored onboarding and launch structure, Blocknubie aims to allow for traditional off-chain businesses and organizations to quickly and efficiently expand into the growing blockchain market.

Nestor has confirmed that the public presale will commence in May but strongly maintains that “From speaking to our early investors and taking feedback from our growing community we are very excited about launching this unique offer to the broader investor sector and feel that it will appeal to a cross-section of investors.

View the forms here.

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