How to “get” the girl (or guy).

Years ago, Bill Gates was asked at airport customs what his profession was.  At that time, he had already built Microsoft into a global public company and he was Chairman and CEO.  He replied, “programmer”.    One of my business partners is famous for having built the largest advertising conglomerate in the world.  He too was Chairman and CEO.  When asked what he loved to be called, he replied “copywriter”.

I started programming in High School.  I lost count at over 100 on the computer programming languages I’ve learned.  I love technology and because of that, I have the rare privilege of having a “job” that I love.  Although I have the privilege now to have hundreds of people I work with who can probably code better than I and I have many titles, I still don’t mind being called a “programmer”.  (not really, I can still code better than any of them, lol)

At the height of the Cryptocurrency craze late last year and early this year, I saw a renewal of energy from the tech community.  A new-found joy in the revolution taking place, partly fueled by new technology, but mostly because of new money giving the “programmers” out there the ability to pursue their dream.  It was a pleasure to see.

Now, where are we?

The Cryptocurrency/Blockchain space is in a tough place at the moment.  Everyone’s waiting for something to signal the bottom of the market so we can start growing again.  Everyone’s hoping that the next news on the ETF will turn things around.

The money’s drying up.  The entire crypto market is back to November levels and still dropping.  ICO’s are struggling, despite what you may hear.  A side note here – much of the big numbers you hear on ICO’s in recent months are from a few very large ICO’s that are all funded privately.  Crowdsales are almost non-existent.  Which means we are back to funding by institutions and large investors.

Existing ICO’s, even those that achieved their funding goals are struggling.  Many of them relied on a stable and increasing coin value to support their efforts.   Most are down 80% this year alone.  Many are dead.

How do we turn this around, forever?

I’ve learned some things from Bill and some things from my advertising partner.  From a technologist this may seem odd, but here goes:

“It’s not about the technology.”

“Its about how the technology makes us feel.”

My advertising friend is a great story teller.  He told me the true story about Gillette.  Yes, the shaving company.  Gillette was going out of business.  They needed a way to sell more razors.  They had great technology – sharp blades and comfortable razors.  The ad teams worked day and night to come up with ads showing how close their shave is…how comfortable their shave is…how inexpensive their shavers are.  You get the idea.

Finally, someone speaks up.  “We are not selling razors!”, he says.  “Why do men shave? “, there’s silence in the room.  Then answers are shouted like, “because they have to…because its required at work…etc…”.    “Nope”, the ad guy explains.  “Men shave for one reason.  They shave to get the girl!  We are selling sex and a way for men to get the girl of their dreams.”

From that time on, all ads showed a man shaving and the girl of his dreams feeling his face on the way to the bedroom…  Gillette not only turned around their business, they bought their nearest competitor.

Just like a sharper blade and a comfortable shave is technology, so blockchain and cryptocurrency is technology.   Its technology looking for its BIG moment when there is a true impact on our entire society.  It needs that revolutionary moment when the average person feels the impact.

The PC revolution had the release of the IBM PC and Word processing.   The Internet revolution had the release of email and the World Wide Web (WWW).   The Wireless revolution had the cell phone and eventually the Apple iPhone.  These are all things that impacted everyone.  It went beyond technology people who were in the inner circles.  These changed the way the average person lived and felt.

What’s blockchain’s BIG thing?

I submit, we do not have one.  Yet. But I do know how it will get here.

Blockchain’s BIG thing will come from you.  It will come from you returning to what you love…  What you are good at…  What you dream.  If you are a great copy writer, write the best stories and ad lines ever!   It will come from thinking BIG and executing BIG.  It may be another programmer who really goes beyond the widget she’s creating to deigning something that makes everyday life different.  It may be one of the many projects seeking to give credit resources to the poor countries around the world and solving poverty.  It may be something that no one has ever thought of…except you.

This is a technology industry.    Let’s find a way to impact the general public and improve their lives.  Its not about better technology, its about how we apply that technology to help the average person feel better, achieve more and maybe even that he or she can achieve their dreams or…at least “get the girl” (or guy).

It’s just the beginning.  The BIG moment is coming for Blockchain.  Maybe, just maybe, its waiting for you to do what you love.

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