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Here are the TOP Headlines in Crypto / Blockchain News on Monday the 30th July 2018,

-Polymath, a security token development platform has announced a partnership with Shyft, a blockchain-based network that helps secure sharing of attested and compliant data. To deal with regulations and Know Your Customer requirements, Shyft is building a blockchain platform with user credibility. Polymath would serve as a trust anchor to share data with Shyft. Polymath (POLY) is currently priced at $0.424, gaining 11% in the last 24 hours.

-The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Courts, an international court dealing with civil and commercial disputes in the financial industry has announced that it has partnered with the government’s Smart Dubai initiative to develop a blockchain-based legal platform. The goal is to deploy a decentralized network for different courts to interact with each other and execute smart contracts. To start with, they’ll be putting judgment data on Blockchain on Blockchain for institutions to verify. Smart Dubai’s goal is to run 100% of the transactions on Blockchain by 2020.

-Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has struggled to surpass the $840 resistance and is at risk of falling below the 50% retracement level. Currently, BCH is down 0.82% and the general outlook is overwhelmingly bearish. The 1-hour chart shows a narrowing triangle formation and a breakout in either direction is expected but the path of least resistance appears more likely to be below the 50% Fib retracement support at $809. The Stoch and RSI are angled down in oversold territory and BCH has support near $810. $840 is a critical resistance and BCH needs to clear this level in order to gain toward $900. At the time of writing, BCH is down 0.82% and the price is $818.70.

-Iranian Rial (IRR) is down by more than 50% since April following sanctions imposed by the US which is set to begin on August 7th. The country had wholly banned cryptocurrencies but is looking to use them once again to circumvent the sanctions. The government has imposed absurd fees on gold. Iranians are now desperate to buy Cryptocurrencies, that everything is sold out, including ‘Shitcoins.’ Mohammad Reza Pourebrahimi, the Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament of Iran, recently reported that $2.5 billion was moved out of the country to buy Cryptocurrencies.

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