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Here are the TOP Headlines in Crypto / Blockchain News on Tuesday the 17th July 2018,

-After more than a year in development, Oracles’ blockchain cloud service has launched.

-Hong Kong’s blockchain Trade Finance Platform is slated to go live by September. When it goes live, it will be one of the first blockchain platforms backed by the Chinese government.

-The SEC has halted Kodak’s crypto mining device. After being unveiled at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the device has been scrutinized by economists that questioned its true potential.

-Dublin based, Accenture, is partnering with French aerospace firm, Thales Group, according to an announcement issued today. The partnership will utilize blockchain technology within the aircraft supply chain.

-Japanese messaging giant, LINE, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will serve as the flagship platform of its new, Line Financial Corp. division. This is the latest official LINE service to launch since LINE PAY in 2014. LINE PAY has since grown to more than $4 billion in global transactions.

-Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., is now a Federally Regulated Broker, thus clearing the way for the exchange to list ICO tokens.

-Meanwhile, in Japan, the world’s first bank-owned crypto exchange has launched publicly. Dubbed “VCTRADE”, the new exchange is offered by SBI Holdings and is now accepting new account applications from Japanese users.

-Financial payment and trade institution, Stronghold, is partnering with IBM to explore digital currency uses on the IBM blockchain.

-The Chartered Financial Analyst Program, established long ago as a leading credential for investment and financial professionals, will be adding cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its curriculum.

-The announcement that asset-management group, BlackRock, has created a work group to study cryptocurrency and blockchain technology brought a surge of confidence to bitcoin’s trading…

Thank you for listening, From Crypto the WonderDog This is Dean Kirkland with BlockBytes.  BlockBytes is presented by DASH. DASH digital currency continues to innovate cryptocurrency acceptance both online and at local retailers. DASH makes payments easy… have you DASH’ed lately?

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