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Blacknight wants to help customers eliminate embarrassing social media accidents with the help of Sóshlr, a new social media management tool. 

Sóshlr is a cloud based social media management system created by Manalto Ltd ( which is built for companies like Blacknight to offer a social media management solution to customers. Sóshlr gives businesses greater control to coordinate brand management and marketing inside social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from a single dashboard.

Using Sóshlr, a business can create, schedule and publish campaigns across platforms supported across one to fifty social media pages in a single click, removing the need to individually access each social media platform. Sóshlr removes several potential social media accident scenarios.

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon explains:

“One of the biggest problems that companies, particularly SME’s have with running social media campaigns across multiple platforms is that they either have multiple people logging in and out of accounts using different “voices” and not always adhering to a message that is “safe for work” or that you’ve got employees managing accounts via mobile and switching between the business account and their personal account. The issue with that is, after a few drinks during a night out, you aren’t paying the closest attention to which account you’re logged into. Ideally, we’d like all of our business customers using Sóshlr to prevent these scenarios.”

In addition to preventing business crushing social media mistakes, Sóshlr delivers centralised capability for a businesses to efficiently manage its brand and content publishing across multi-pages and multi-social media platforms supported. A business can also control user access and monitor user activity across its social media with its built in granular user permission structure.

“Manalto and the Sóshlr team are fortunate to be working with such a collaborative and innovative market leader within the Web Host industry and a corporate advocate of social media,” said Anthony Owen, Founder and CEO, Manalto. “Manalto is committed to supporting Blacknight and its customers.”

Sóshlr is also good value for users, plans start €2.99 per month and range right up to €249.99 per month depending on what you are looking for. You can see the full list of plans here.

You can find out more about Sóshlr and get started using the tool by visiting the link below.

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