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Blacknight is calling for SMEs to take charge of their business by getting a great domain name and website. They warn businesses not to rely on social media services like Facebook. 

Blacknight are experts on running a successful online SME, they have been doing it now for 15 years. The company is now sharing some of the things they have learnt along they way and their favourite piece of advice – get a great domain and dedicated website.

Blacknight founder and CEO Michele Neylon explains:

“You have to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve to stand out online. You need a website that is both well designed and compelling as well as a reliable way to communicate with your customers. The best piece of advice I can give to a business starting out online is to not rely on your Facebook page as the sole online presence of your business.”

A growing problem that I see when I talk to small businesses these days is that they start out on social media before building a dedicated website for the business. That is a mistake, you should start with the website and work on social media after.

Michele Neylon also pointed out that:

“If a social media service such as Facebook or SnapChat closes or suspend your account, you would lose all of the customer contacts you have built. When you have your own website, you control the content and the conversation about your business.”

When you share content on social media, anything can happen. If your account is closed or suspended then all that content and all those contacts and networks you have built up suddenly vanish. That is why it is a good idea to have a website to fall back on.

Blacknight offer hundreds of domain extensions to use to create the optimal website name for any business as well as several options on hosting packages and a myriad of solutions for SMEs from email to security.

However, having a great domain name on the marquee is the first step to having a successful online presence. Neylon also recommends branching out from registering a .com domain.

“There are so many great domain extensions now that there is no need to compromise the name of your business or add superfluous characters to fit available .com names. Choose a .irish, .website, .club or .me domain. If none of those fit, there are hundreds more that may be niche specific to your business.”

Blacknight helps SMEs begin to build their online presence through domain name offerings as well as website and cloud hosting, Office 365, Ranking Coach and their easy to use site builder.

Start by establishing your business on a dedicated website which you have control over, then look to build it through different social media channels.

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