The Playbook may not be breaking any sales record but it could break a record as the first table on the moon. A Canadian group of scientists want to build a moon rover powered by the BlackBerry Playbook.

They say they want to inspire Canada the same way John F. Kennedy inspired the USA. They hope if they get the rover to the moon that people here on Earth can send it BBM messages and it’ll reply.

Crazy idea maybe but perhaps we could do with that sort of can do thinking in Ireland today.  On another note while it seems that the numbers of BlackBerry users is dropping (until the launch of QNX powered devices) we’re still amongst the wealthiest smartphone owners.

According to ProperMobile 11.3% of BlackBerry owners earn more than 150,000USD while 7.2% and 10.9% of android and iPhone users earn over 150,000USD respectively.

I unfortunately can’t count myself in the 11.3%…yet!



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