So we’ve recently heard lots about how bad the new Apple maps app is what with people getting lost and even the Australian police complaining about the apps accuracy. The map detail is provided by TomTom who have been a leading supplier for many years of mapping products and services. TomTom also supply the mapping services for the new BlackBerry 10 devices  maps app and now BlackBerry have released the beta version of the mapping software (BlackBerry Navigator) for OS 6 and 7 devices in Ireland.

I’ve been testing it out since yesterday and have found it to be very accurate in the Dublin area at least. The voice on the navigation app is also very pleasant and the software hasn’t let me down with direction accuracy or with being slow at stating instructions. I haven’t found the “local information” on banks, restaurants, petrol stations etc… to be very accurate but I can live with that as this is only a beta version. I would love a voice activation service with the app so I could state where I want to go but again I can live with that as it is free. To be honest the app for me is so good I’ll be removing Google Maps off my device which I’ve always relied on till now.

You can download the app in the beta zone here: You will have to register for the beta zone before you can access it.



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