Yuko Nakatsumi, New ICO Advisor For Japan, Provides A World Class Background In An Important Market

BITDOLLAR CAPITAL today announced an agreement with Yuko Nakatsumi, to become the firm’s ICO advisor in Japan.  Ms. Nakatsumi brings another world-class academic and professional background to the Bitdollar Capital team, possessing an MBA from Harvard and years of entrepreneurial and management consulting experience.  She is also a strong blockchain advocate and has hands-on experience at channeling token sale projects and investors, and is well connected to the corporate and startup world in Japan.  Yuko has a strong record in identifying business opportunities, conducting market research, crafting actionable strategies, and managing execution.  As an advisor for Bitdollar Capital, she will provide counsel on each of its two collectively managed funds, Bitdollar Fund and i2 Fund.

“Yuko will provide guidance and facilitate investment in Japan, which we feel is a key market for us this year”, said Nick Kitcharoen, CEO of Bitdollar Capital and President of Bitdollar Fund.  “We are quite fortunate to have someone of her caliber representing us in the Japanese market.”

Bitdollar Capital, an Estonian limited company, aims to provide clarity to the cryptocurrency community by guiding fundamental analysis and facilitating research through its two planned collectively managed funds, Bitdollar Fund and i2 Fund.  Both funds will thrive from the collective knowledge of their investment communities, and registered investors will make investment decisions based on long-term fundamental analysis and will have a say in the fund’s composition by participating in quarterly or annual elections. Both offerings will provide those that are new to cryptocurrencies a relatively safer place to get started by providing the ability to learn from community resources and by including cryptocurrencies that have underlying physical assets such as gold to reduce volatility.  The cryptocurrencies of both funds, Bitdollar and iCash, are meant to be an easy choice for those wanting exposure to major cryptocurrencies or ICOs, all while reducing volatility and the risk of making a bad or uninformed investment.

The ICO for Bitdollar Fund (bitdollarico.com) will begin on October 13th, and its pre-sale will start on September 8th.  Investment minimums vary during the pre-sale, but the investment minimum during the ICO will be only 0.1 Ether, or roughly $27 at the time of this writing.  Prices per Token in the pre-sale range from $0.55 to $0.95, and range from $1.00 to $1.10 during the ICO, increasing by 1 cent per week.  Cryptocurrency investing involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.  Please do your own research or consult your investment professional before investing.

Bitdollar Capital – Tallinn, Estonia – bitdollarcapital.com – [email protected]

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