By @SimonCocking

Interview with Beatriz Oliveira from BindTuning.


How did the Summit go for you?
Very well, it was a great time to see what others are doing and meet both peers, investors and potential customers.
Did it match your expectations?
Globally I can say it did. Everyone is committed to creating new business relationships, so it’s an awesome way to make contacts. On that matter out goal was fully accomplished. In what comes to “learning” I would love to have listened to more talks, but there is so much going on at all times that we end up missing most of it.

If you were to do it differently what would you have done?
Better planning, for sure. We tried to plan it ahead, but I believe some extra planning and meeting scheduling would have been beneficial.
What did people think of your product?
Feedback was awesome! We have quite a unique product, no other themes marketplace provides the features we do. Even more for web designers. All web designers visiting us thought it was revolutionary πŸ™‚

Did you get any useful feedback from people here?
I think there is not enough “demo” time to receive that type of feedback. With so much to see, you can’t be at each booth for long πŸ™‚ I’m sure we will have that type of feedback now, once people actually visit us after the event.

Will you be changing or pivoting your project based on what happened at the summit?
Eventually, in some areas πŸ˜‰

How did you find Dublin?
We all loved Dublin. People are friendly, pubs are awesome, and everybody was committed to make visitors feel welcome.


Which had more use for you the day summit or the night one? why?

Actually both! People we met at night ended up visiting our booth during the day. We have some great contacts to follow up now!

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