By @SimonCocking. Quick chat with Bill Barnes Developer/Evangelist at Microsoft, co-creator of Unshelved and Not Invented Here, former Slate tech journalist, ukulele enthusiast, social justice nerd. Heading over to Dublin from Seattle to share his insights at the Microsoft Decoded Open Source Conference. See more about Bill on his website here. Book tickets for Decoded here.

BILL BARNES (TypeScript Saves The World)

Appearing at Decoded on 4:30pm Friday, May 6th 2016

Like the plucky hero of a dime novel, JavaScript is an unlikely success, having risen from modest roots to stand astride the globe like a colossus. But it is not without its challenges. Learn how TypeScript can help you write JavaScript faster, easier, and safer, without losing touch with its unique personal style. We’ll play with React.js and the Microsoft Graph, too.

Brief background about you?

I alternate between being a professional cartoonist who codes and a professional developer who draws comics. I’ve lived in New York City, Hong Kong, Lagos, London, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. I play the ukulele. I recently returned from a 13-month RV trip around the USA with my wife and two teenage children.

What inspired you to speak at this event?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying programming in TypeScript and I want to share the love!

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of your session specifically?

Javascript is ubiquitous and powerful, but it doesn’t scale well. TypeScript to the rescue!

What should Dublin (and Irish) companies do to be successful in an open source environment?

Open source is all about contributing. Figure out what could be better about your current environment and roll up your sleeves!

Who has inspired you?

Bill Watterson (author of Calvin & Hobbes) and Bill Atkinson (author of the original Mac graphic library QuickDraw). We Bills have to stick together.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

You should have asked me about the weird shoes I wear, but it’s too late now.


Where can people see / listen / read more about you?

Follow me on @billba, read my blog, and read my software comics here
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