Big Red Cloud have launched a new App, for both IOS and Android users, which will enable small business owners to create and send invoices on the go. The Big Red Cloud app was borne on the back of feedback from customers who spend much of their time on the go or in transit and who felt they would really benefit from an easy-to-use solution that would allow them to keep on top of their invoicing needs.

Speaking of the App Marc O’ Dwyer, CEO of Big Red Cloud,
“We designed this with our customers in mind – we wanted to meet their evolving needs in a busy fast-paced and mobile business environment. The creation of the app was also a natural progression for us in terms of our strategy to continuously expand and improve our product offering. We recognised a growing trend towards a more app centric business world and as leading fin-tech providers we wanted to keep pace with this.
First and foremost, our customers said wanted a mobile app that was easy to use to create and send invoices. Second, they wanted the functionality that would allow them, from any location, to look up a customer’s file to see what balances, if any, are outstanding. The app is available for both iOS and Android with Windows Phone soon to follow”.

How it works
The App, which is unique to the Irish market, is free to all Big Red Cloud users. Big Red Cloud say the new mobile app is a logical extension to their Big Red Cloud online accounts platform. Synchronised in real time, any invoices created or amended on the go will be reflected immediately in Big Red Cloud, giving all the businesses’ key stakeholders real time visibility of critical business data.

Marc explained, “Creating and sending invoices with the Big Red Cloud app is deliberately simple. Immediately, upon completion of a contract or delivery of a product, you can easily create an invoice for an existing customer or if required, simply create a new customer. Then click ‘send invoice’ and the invoice is emailed there and then to your customer for approval and payment. Every change is automatically updated to the customers’ Big Red Cloud online accounts platform”.

If you are on the road it couldn’t be easier to check existing customer accounts for overdue invoices and ‘click to call’ or ‘click to send’ an email reminder. It’s all done in real time, saving you time and more importantly it will allow you to avoid “invoice drift”, those critical days when sending an invoice is delayed due to other pressing work commitments, like making other sales”.

The Big Red Cloud app is synced with the Big Red Cloud accounts platform eliminating the need to rekey data. All your data is securely stored should the customer damage or lose their mobile device”.

Marc concluded,
“Being able to bring this App live is a significant milestone for us. We launched Big Red Cloud to meet the growing demand for cloud based accounting solutions and it’s been a huge success. Likewise with the app, we listened to our customer base and paid close attention to market trends and a top priority was access to key business functions while on the road, yet remaining connected to the office”.

One of those key business functions is the creation and sending of invoices and our app makes this a simple and straightforward exercise. We spent a lot of time planning this app and we designed and built it using the Big Red Cloud mantra – simple and easy to use online accounts”.

During the testing of the app, one of the more interesting use cases came from one of our customers who spends 80% of her time on the road. She was confident that the app would help her improve customer service by being able to invoice on time. Contrary to common belief, a good percentage of customers want to be invoiced straight away so that they can better manage their own cash flow”.

Starting with invoicing and key customer search functions, we’ll be adding more features in the months to come.”

The Mobile App was developed through a joint collaboration with the Digital Skills Academy based in the Digital Hub in Dublin. Big Red Cloud was selected as an Industry Partner where they were allocated a team of coders, designers and project managers to work on the app concept and bring it to fruition. The DSA team delivered a prototype app that Big Red Cloud then took control of and handed over to their own development team who carried out some remedial coding work and made it fit for market.

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