Hello ITN readers. We are looking for some dedicated people to help us beta test a new feature which we hope to incorporate eventually into irishtechnews.net Initially we’re interested in iOS users but if things go well we’ll be expanding the feature to Android and BlackBerry users (even Windows phone 7 users can join the party). Here at Irish Tech News we’ve focused on bringing you all the smartphone news from around the world with an Irish slant. Our goal has been to bring you quality stories and not just to rehash what you can find on any other tech site. We’ve tried to focus on honest reviews and biting editorials while keeping you informed of what’s happening in Ireland whether that’s to do with the latest device launch dates, what the networks have to offer, the latest reviews of devices brought to you by Irish users and what the future holds for Irish users. So if you want to help us improve  the best Irish smartphone site then email us at: [email protected]

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