To keep it very simple – blockchain is a distributed and a write-once-read-only record of digital events in a chronological order that is shared in a peer-to-peer network.

Here are some of the benefits of using blockchain in telemedicine;


  • It allows doctor practices to keep detailed patient history, compiling all of their treatments, procedures, tests and lab results. Having the original piece with your main health care provider and other pieces with any other specialists the patient may of seen or may need to see.
  • By using blockchain technology we can keep medical history records electronically making them more efficient to transfer, secure and it will reduce the use of intermediaries.
  • It will be more secure because as the name suggests, the blockchain is a link of digital blocks all connected to the block that came before and the one that comes next. Each block contains data and records of transactions. Because of how the digital ‘chain of blocks’ are linked it makes it very difficult to change or tamper with a single block. To do this they would need to not only alter the block they wanted to, but all the ones it is connected to just to try and avoid detection.
  • It will help with legalities. Because the blockchain is immutable it will ensure claims are accurate and it will cut down on insurance fraud and patient claims. This is especially important where payments are coordinated between payers, providers, the government and banks.
  • Greater transparency is another benefit. It will allow healthcare systems and doctors and other physicians to connect with the patient’s health care plans and insurance details. This will allow them to see the patient’s health coverage.


Georgina Izatt

Equine Professional, Journalist and Petlife Advisor


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