BearingPoint Ireland, a leading management and technology consultancy, has today (Monday) announced its patron membership of the Innovation Value Institute (IVI).

The IVI, co-founded by Maynooth University and Intel in 2006, is working to transform IT management through industry-led, practical research for the establishment of a global standard for IT management. The IVI is a not-for-profit research institute which supports IT innovation across academia, government and industry. It facilitates a thriving international membership of over 120 global organisations focused on transforming the way public and private sector bodies manage IT to drive value and innovation. As a patron member, BearingPoint will play a proactive role in actively contributing to the development and growth of the IVI and its research agenda.

The IVI has developed the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) and associated Capability Improvement Plan, to give Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) the power to improve an organisation’s entire IT environment and the value contribution that IT provides to an organisation.

The IT-CMF body of knowledge enables organisations to assess and benchmark performance over time; and create development plans which match best practice guidelines. This allows CIOs and CTOs to improve overall IT management and organisational design; as well as innovate in IT risk management, cloud computing and other key areas.

BearingPoint incorporates the application of IT-CMF in supporting client organisations to achieve significant improvements in the management and delivery of IT services and projects.

Commenting on the partnership, Michael O’Dwyer Partner at BearingPoint Ireland, said: “Our patron membership of the Innovation Value Institute is a logical move for us as we share common goals. Both BearingPoint and the IVI help organisations achieve improvements in the value delivered by IT and help make sure the IT department is best equipped to meet the new challenges involved in enabling the open digital economy through the transition to digital-first services and platform centred business models.”

“Our adoption of IT-CMF as an innovative consulting offering makes sense to us from a business perspective and to our clients seeking an efficient, cutting-edge route to IT transformation. Through IT-CMF we can help our clients utilise IT to address core business areas such as demand and supply management, risk management, budgets, IT security and research and development, to name but a few.”

Martin Delaney, General Manager at the Innovation Value Institute, said: “The challenge for so many organisations is in bridging the ‘capability gap’ – where the availability of technology stops and the productive use of technology applied to the business begins. This is fast becoming a major differentiator between success and failure. The contribution that BearingPoint makes, in combining the body of knowledge that IVI has delivered in our IT-CMF with their consultative expertise is a major value generator for their clients.”

Global organisations are already collaborating with the IVI, including Intel, BNY Mellon, DTCC, BCG, Hitachi, NTT Data, Easyjet and Xilinx.

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