By @SimonCocking, great interview with the effervescent  Sandi Krakowski I dream of marketing pieces in my sleep and love to break rules! Voted Top Social Media & Marketer. Copywriter, Child of God & a ?!

What is your background briefly?

I started my very first business 21 years ago. I was one of the first Google users! As matter fact I made my first hundred thousand dollars online through Overture which was the first search engine. I had no formal training and no previous experience… I pretty much figured it all out on my own and built a $4 million business in 3.5 years. The interesting thing is is that I was a single mom living on just $5000 per year 28 years ago so this was quite a dramatic change.

Looking back does it all seem a logical progression to what you do now?

It does seem because I am showing small business owners all of the different steps that they need to go through to get to being able to build a business and sustain it. From building my first e-commerce business to then going into copy-writing and then consulting and providing services for others, that is a natural progression. One thing that’s really different about me is I have sold, packaged and shipped hundreds of thousands of physical tangible products. A lot of online coaches have never sold any physical products and shipped them repeatedly over and over and over again. I know what that’s like and I believe that’s what makes me so good at what I do today. I’ve also been running PPC ads for 20 yrs and so I’m pretty much of a expert I guess you could say at that, that’s why I am so good at Facebook ads.

You have a great online presence, how do you explain to newbies why this is so valuable for business (both yours and everyone else’s)?

As a business owner we want to go where all of our our day ideal clients are. And the easiest way to do that today is to be very active on social media, build a highly targeted following, and build the website and email list that you also provide content and interact with. It makes it much easier to build a sustainable business. At the core of who I am I’ve been doing direct response marketing for over 20 years and the best place to market today is through social media, specifically Facebook.

We’re seeing a lot of changes in the media, yet quality content is still highly valued. Would you agree / what are your thoughts on this?

I think there’s a lot of corruption going on in media and it’s actually caused the consumer to demand better representation and to seek out truth themselves. I believe the community sourced media that we see on social media bringing events and information to us has provided not only a greater society and a way of reporting if you will but it’s also caused the media to have to step up and provide things differently.

What tips would you give to companies starting out now in terms of effectively communicating their message to the world?

The best way to grow your brand is out marketing and out serve your competitor. So it’s your responsibility as a company to understand your client better than they may even understand themselves. It’s crucial to note that social media is run more by psycho-graphics more than demographics and knowing how to utilize that and data mining is the best thing you can do for your business. Communicating authentically in your own voice and also in a voice that resonates with your client is the best thing you can do for your business.

Who has inspired you, and / or do you follow on social media / or read their blogs?

People that inspired me the most are those that are living authentically and serving others well and having a blast doing it! I’m motivated by a variety of people from all variety of backgrounds, they’re not all business owners. For example ; Carl Lentz, Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Grant, Sheryl Sandberg, Michael Masterson, Bethel Music, Bill Johnson, Steven Pressfield, The Kardashians, Braveheart (the movie), Joyce Meyer, Lady Gaga. Lots of variety! And MOSTLY small business owners around the world making it happen!

Things can be very 24/7 these days, how do you manage to have a good life / work, online / offline balance?

After many years of workaholism, and struggling with a terminal illness, I’ve discovered that life is more important and more enjoyable when you love your work and dive fully in also love your play and can say no powerfully. I recently come through divorce that I tell people I should’ve filed for 20 years ago! It’s changed my perspective quite a bit and help me to realize the priority of family and friends and being ones authentic self. Being one’s true self I believe will prevent being sucked into a vacuum of all work and no play. ?

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

The biggest change to happen in my life is my first grandson was born one year ago. He really helps me to keep work life balance in order! I just adore him and he’s the cutest thing on the planet and he inspires and motivates me and helps me play more.

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