iPhone and battery usage! For most iPhone users it can seem like a constant battle,checking that little battery icon in the top right of the screen. Will I have enough battery for the rest of my day etc etc….. Personally, I’ve come to terms with this, use a device constantly so expect battery life to suffer? Many iPhone users will have gotten into the habit of “killing” apps that they have finished using by double tapping the home button and the swiping up whatever apps they wish to kill, however I’m still amazed that some people have never heard/read about this simple battery saving process!!

Maybe for such a great device it should be telling us what apps are using the most battery? Well to help in this matter a new app called Normal has been developed by 2 Stanford Ph.Ds in computer science named Adam Oliner and Jacob Leverich. Normal is a battery diagnosis service that tracks and compares your app usage to other iOS device owners to see if there are any specific actions you can take to save battery life. The €0.89 app compares your phone’s battery usage over time with other people who have similar combinations of apps. For this app to function you must first consent to some Data Collection

Image 1

Once accepted the app launches, users are shown a screen showing active apps, inactive battery hogs and other apps.

Image 2

For each app, there is a ring chart that will show you how much battery life you’ll save if you close a specific app. By tapping on each item you are taken to detailed information on possible battery savings.

Image 3

If you think Normal might be useful for you it can be downloaded from the AppStore costing €0.89 here

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