By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

On August 23, Patrick Collister gave a talk at a Kinsale Sharks and Ogilvy Dublin event. He explained what were awards and why they matter.

The Creative lead at Google’s The Zoo told the Irish creative community that they had to do more at Kinsale. He also said that distinctive work had to be created like what the campaigns had submitted from elsewhere in the world.

“Do More at Kinsale, not less, it’s an opportunity for Irish creatives to be part of a global advertising community” said Collister.

According to Collister and the McKinsey analysis companies that win creative awards are more innovative, faster to market and return greater values to their shareholders than companies that don’t.

“Awards aren’t just about your own show window, they also drive business” added Collister when citing economic and business reasons for supporting awards.

On the other side, he argued that many shows give out too many awards, rewarding scam ads but made a differentiation between these shows and the Kinsale Sharks. “The Sharks is a festival run by creative people, for creative people, taking the business of Advertising seriously”

Kinsale Sharks is an International Festival that has been rewarding creative thinking for the last 55 years. The Shark head trophy is regarded as one of the most iconic trophy in the design industry.

“There’s a rich creative heritage here in Ireland, and good ads allow products to become famous, be more successful and bring the price of a product down”. Irish advertising should use Kinsale Sharks to win some awards. This might persuade clients to invest in new companies.

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