Happily, I accidentally discovered an Ireland friendly Passbook app today!

Like a lot of people I frequently use cost saving/deals websites. Today I noticed something while using the very popular LivingSocial app on my iPhone. Once you have purchased a deal the vouchers page now contains a very handy “Add to Passbook” button –

Passbook 1

Clicking this button sends your voucher to the Passbook app, saving you the need to print out the voucher!

Passbook 2


When you go to redeem the voucher just open the Passbook app on your iPhone and show the Passbook voucher to the vendor. Simples! If you need to see expiry date or specific conditions of the voucher just click on the info button and this will take you to another screen giving all the details of your voucher.

Passbook 3

I will be using the voucher shown above tomorrow so I’ll post back if I have any problems/issues with it being accepted by the vendor.

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