Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and they are being used as diary’s, for emailing, gaming, online banking, online shopping, photography, and social media. Which makes you think how secure is your smartphone and you start wondering, is your private information safe? and are your passwords secure?

This is where DataVault Password Manager by Ascendo comes into play as it allows you to secure your data, any passwords and usernames that you might use on various websites as well credit card and debit card numbers and information used on apps such as Ryan Air and Aer Lingus. Another great thing that DataVault Password Manager has is a desktop counterpart that keeps your password in sync and makes them available when you are using your PC or Mac and it can also sync with your iCloud and Dropbox accounts too.

As there are 4 different versions of DataVault Password Manager available, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows covering any smartphone, tablet and most computers that you might be using (I say most computers, as there is no Linux version), you have a version that suits the computer/device that you are using.

When you are using DataVault Password Manager, you are asked to create a master password which you will be asked to type in if you have left your computer/device alone for a few minutes or every time you run DataVault Password Manager.

This is a great security feature and if you have forgotten your password you can use the hint that you were asked to provide when you created your master password. For iOS users who use Face ID or Touch ID you can use them instead of having to type in your master password.

When you go to enter information into DataVault Password Manager you can use the templates available or you can create your form with the various fields that you may use. For example, some of the templates will be designed for American users but as you have the ability to create your own form you are not limited to what information you can store. If you have any problems using DataVault Password Manager there is a great help section in the app that will help answer most queries and you can also use the great help section on Ascendo’s website.

The latest version 7.0 is released today and it brings a host of new features for iOS such as:

  • Added support for Face ID on iPhone X, see Tools & Settings > Security Settings. Users of version 6.5.55 can enable Touch ID to use Face ID.
  • Implemented Apple Watch version, see Tools & Settings > Security Settings to enable.
  • Improved usability of adding and editing Items including field reordering.
  • Implemented Import from CSV files for users switching from Keeper, Dashlane, 1Password and other password managers.
  • Added Copy without Spaces to field tips.
  • Added Never to Password Required setting for Touch ID and Face ID users.
  • Implemented progress wheel when switching on Dropbox Sync.
  • Added persistency to password manager parameters.

Overall I found DataVault Password Manager very easy to use and I would highly recommend it especially as it only costs €10.99, which isn’t much too much to pay for having all your passwords safe and secure in the one place. The 4 different versions of DataVault Password Manager available can be found via the following links, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.



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