Initial Ireland is highlighting the benefits of maintaining proper hand hygiene to to all Irish adults and children to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, especially in schools and offices.

To mark Global Handwashing Day 2017 (15th October), hygiene expert Initial is focusing efforts to inform people about the importance of washing hands to prevent infections.

The results of a recently released survey concluded that 80% of infections are spread by hands.

What became known was also the fact that astonishingly, only 44% of men wash their hands correctly in comparison to 60% of women after going to the toilet!

Recent research shows that 30% of office goers do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, with more than 50% not using soap, and 60% spending less than 10 seconds washing their hands. Initial strongly advises the public to wash their hands with soap and water for approximately 30 seconds.

Dr Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager, Initial said:  “Good handwashing is vital in all stages of life and is key to controlling the spread of infection. This most recent survey highlights the fact that people are not aware of the volume of bacteria they carry as a result of not following hygiene guidelines. By simply washing their hands properly, children and adults can reduce bacteria by up to 80%. As part of Global Handwashing Day, Initial is encouraging the general public to be more aware and responsible when it comes to hand washing.”

As winter approaches, the prime time for cold, flus and other infections, the hygiene company is offering a free education toolkit to help schools provide safe and hygienic learning environments for staff, students and visitors.

Did you know?

·         There can be more than 1000 resident bacteria per cm2 on hands

·         Bacteria can stay alive on hands for several hours

·         Many bacteria grow best at a temperature of 37°C – human body temperature

·         Washing alone can decrease the bacteria present on hands by 80%

·         Hand sanitizer can kill 99.9% of germs including Swine Flu, MRSA, E-coli, and Salmonella

Here’s how you can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in your office.

About Initial

As one of the world’s largest business services companies, Initial works to deliver a wide range of essential support services, leaving you free to get on with running your core business. Their services in Ireland include washroom solutions, floor care services and medical services. With advanced management systems, continual innovation and the highest standards of customer service, they are recognised as leaders in their field.  For information about Initial services, visit or call 1890 300 500. The range of Initial Hygiene’s services and supplies includes:

  • Hand washing and drying products and services
  • Feminine hygiene disposal units and services
  • Products for washroom, urinal and toilet hygiene and cleaning


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