Though the year is still fairly young, much has been happening in the area of company law in 2018.

Company secretaries, directors, inhouse legal counsel, solicitors, accountants, and any other advisory executives for businesses and charities need to be aware of the updates and how they can impact organisations.

Some of the updates include:

  • New EU Registers of Beneficial Owners & Regulations
  • Possible 30th June 2018 e-filing deadline for all companies!
  • Likely €5,000 penalties for non-compliance
  • Changes to the Companies Act 2014
  • New EU directives for companies
  • And much more

Find out what YOU need to know 

In order to advise your organisation on the best way to comply with the changes, you need to equip yourself with thorough knowledge of the changes as well as how to deal with them.

The Company Law Update 2018 is an afternoon seminar (taking place across the country) with Brian Walker of CPD Seminars, and will provide a roadmap of how to implement the procedures and processes necessary to comply with the new changes.

Why attend the Company Law Update 2018 seminar?

  • Gain an overview of the “very latest stuff” you need to know for your organisation
  • Receive a 30 minute compliance checklist
  • Receive useful company secretary precedents
  • Find out what your not-for-profit or property management company needs to do for 2018
  • Find out what directors shouldn’t be doing in 2018
  • Get an update on the latest company law cases going through the courts
  • Identify exactly what the roles and responsibilities are for the company secretary
  • Discover the statutory duties for shareholders, members and beneficial owners – a first
  • Earn CPE and CPD credits with your attendance

The seminar will you practical ways to deal with each update, and you’ll leave with an easily implementable plan to enforce in your organisation.

The afternoon seminar also provides a perfect networking opportunity as executives, directors and company secretaries come together to empower themselves with the latest company law updates.

Join us by clicking here to register or call us on 01 679 7920. It would be great to see you there.


About Brian Walker, seminar presenter

 Brian Walker is a practicing barrister. He has over 35 years experience of company law and company secretarial practice, having previously worked with the accountancy firms of KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has been CPD lecturer in company law to the main accountancy bodies for the past twenty five years. His approach to company law is straightforward, direct and easily understood. He will focus on changes in company and commercial law and the most important issues that arise daily for accountants, solicitors and company directors. Comprehensive notes accompany his presentations.

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