Apple has won an injunction against the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Device in he Federal Courts in Australia. For Samsung unless they can convince a Judge at trial that they are not infringing on any of Apple’s patents, the Tab will not be seen in Oz. It is a big blow to Samsung as they will not have the Tab on shelves in shops for Christmas basically missing the one time of year when sales are at their peak. Samsung for their part are still insisting they will fight this and also point to patents of their’s, related to antenna technology they believe Apple are infringing on.

Samsung also set up an impromptu sales stand near an Apple store in Oz, selling their Galaxy S II phone for $2 as people queued to place their iPhone 4S pre order! Looks like the gloves are coming off for this one and it’s likely to drag on for some time in the courts. And in the streets too if Samsung have their way!




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