The Apple Watch is expanding to seven new countries at the end of June, sadly Ireland is not going to be one of those countries included in the list so it will remain to be a rarity in Ireland if you stumble across one of these things. However it is far from impossible to get one and a week ago mine was delivered from the UK Apple Store.

You can order the Apple Watch from the UK Apple Store through Parcel Motel (provided you are willing to take the hit on the exchange rate) and it will be on your wrist sooner than many other people in the country. After hearing this I placed my order and after going through the excruciating waiting process I finally received it last week.

So, here you have it, a hands on of 4 pros and 4 cons from my experience with the Apple Watch so far.

4 Pros:

1. The best screen on a smartwatch to date

I have tried a variety of smartwatches from Pebble to Android Wear and I can safely say that the screen on the Apple Watch is the best display I have ever seen on any smartwatch. Every pixel matters and this is a fantastic high resolution display which focuses both on the appearance and the functionality of the device.

2. Watch faces allow for flexibility

I know, I know. People want more watch faces and don’t worry they are coming in watchOS 2. However the current 10 faces allow for fantastic flexibility from showing different widgets such as temperature, calendar, world clock, battery and more (Apple calls them complications) to displaying faces in a colour of your choice, Apple has allowed you choose how you want the information presented.

The next big thing will be opening that up to third party developers to design their own faces which I hope Apple will do in the future.

3. The hardware is stunning

This is a fantastic watch, it looks and feels great. Even the sports strap which is the cheapest option of all the straps feels great. It is soft and loops in under the strap neatly. The mechanism for how each strap fastens to your wrist all show that thought has gone into the process of designing them and the range of colours allow you to customise as you see fit. People have even started mixing and matching different sport straps.

The watch itself feels solid and well made and it feels like something you want to wear and would be happy to wear.

4. A perfect size

I have seen a number of people mentioning that they wanted the device bigger and were surprised how small the 42mm was! Perhaps it is me coming from the Pebble where I was initially shocked by their screen size but for me the 42mm is perfect. Apple has not declared either size is aimed at a certain sex however it seems to be more men going for 42mm and women going for the 38mm option.

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get the 38mm if you are a man, it is all personal preference. For the information that the watch shows and for the kind of interaction you will be doing on the watch, it is a perfect size.

4 Cons:

1. Trouble waking up

Apple uses OLED technology on their screen so when you are not using it and your arm is not in the raised position, the screen turns off. That is pretty neat and clever, the idea then is that when you raise your wrist the sensors detect the movement and turn the screen on…most of the time.

Sometimes the screen refuses to wake and you have to either flick your wrist aggressively or tap the screen. Some users have stated that it works flawlessly for them however many people have noted that they have had the same issue with the screen and while it is far from making the device unusable, I would hope they can improve that responsiveness in the future.

2. Apps loading

At the moment there are no native Apple Watch Apps, the resources for the apps live on your iPhone so when you open an app it can take time to load or it can lag a bit. It is a problem at the moment because the idea is you use the watch to see snippets of information fast. Sometimes apps load fast and other times you are left waiting.

Native apps are coming this fall, should we have had them from the start? Yes.

3. A bit buggy

New devices generally have new software of course and watchOS is not without its issues. Siri has randomly activated at times and I have had the watch auto reset on two occasions now when I was toying with software on the iPhone. Upgrading the iPhone wiped the Apple Watch and I had to reset it again, even worse was that the backup was not the latest backup I had carried out on the watch when I went to restore it.

Not the end of the world but slightly irritating.

4. The problem of an early adopter on a new device

I could write a whole article about this (and I probably will) because being an early adopter on a new device which has such a high profile is both great and terrible. People see the Apple Watch and they ask about it, it is a high profile device and people are interested however the problems are when you run into questions such as “How much did it cost you then?” – Remember when it was rude to ask people how much they spent and where they decided to spend money?

You have Google, look up the price yourself. The worst though it people grabbing your wrist to have a look. I don’t mind showing people how things work on it however reaching out to pull my wrist closer to you so you can have a good look is down right rude.

Waiting is not necessarily a bad thing

Over the upcoming months Apple will squash the bugs and developers will start to jump on board with better apps now that they have the device in their hands. The Apple Watch will improve over time and the next few months will see a big improvement to stability of the OS, while those receiving their watch now will enjoy a new piece of tech, waiting may not be such a bad thing in the end.

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