Pricing of an App is often key to its success. Traditionally there has been a lot more “paid for” Apps in Apple’s App Store compared with Google’s Play Store. In many cases paid Apps that were a success in the App Store didn’t enjoy anywhere near the same level of success in the Play Store. For many developers the next best option was to choose the Freemium pricing model. Make your App free to purchase and then have premium add ons available as an in-App purchase.

Judging from the data published by Distimo below, this certainly seems to be the most successful model now with the majority of revenue being generated from in-App purchases in 7 of the 10 largest categories in the App Store.

Infographic: Freemium is the No.1 Pricing Strategy in Most App Categories | Statista  You will find more statistics at Statista 

We’ve seen many Apps become a huge success using this pricing model and it has certainly become the default within games, but what do you think? Is this the best option for consumers or would you still prefer to see just free and paid options? From our point of view the Freemium model often ends up being a more expensive option for the public. In the past when you paid for an App you had all of the options unlocked and available to you straight away but now, especially in games such as Angry Birds Go, the available in-App purchases seems to be endless potentially making the game cost many time more than you would traditionally have paid.
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