UHIVE has successfully revived anonymity for users, and through a decentralized structure based on hybrid blockchain technology, users can be completely anonymous be it, by identity or location.

Grey World: where anything goes, a place where users can be totally anonymous!At any time, you can go to the Grey World, which is uncharted infinite space, you can spend hours exploring anonymously and never reach the end of it, you will find new spaces all the time, you can also create your own anonymous space anywhere and start posting

A unique part of the social network which offers uncharted & uncontrolled space to users, here they can create their own space  & be completely anonymous. A world that liberates the user experience and opens new chances for users to go wild with their imagination. This world is completely isolated and secured with a decentralized structure

The Grey world is designed to bring freedom and to preserve users’ privacy to the maximum, and at the same time, it defines the thin line between people’s right to keep their activities and data private, and between making sure not to abuse the system and create illegal activities. With our innovative Hybrid Blockchain technology, users will have their identity, data, and activities totally secured and anonymous.

Like life, users’ spaces in UHIVE have a physical location in the network world, and based on the user’s individual engagement level, time spent on the app and other factors, the user space will be more visible and attractive to other users, and this will create a new marketing dimension. For example, if your space is near a famous space that has big traffic, most of the people visiting that space will see yours too, this will increase the value of your space location

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