An Honorary Fellowship was awarded to Anne O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland by the Irish Computer Society. The fellowship was awarded in celebration of her significant contribution to the ICT sector in Ireland, and to mark Tech Week and IT Professionals Day 2017.

Jim Friars, CEO of the Irish Computer Society said: “IT Professionals Day was established to recognise the contributions made by IT professionals who are our leaders, influencers and innovators. They have a tremendous impact on our lives every day, because IT is everywhere. It is entwined in almost every part of our lives. It affects how we shop, socialise, connect, play, and most importantly learn. Their work is transformative, changing how we interact and understand our world.

“The award of an Honorary Fellowship is the most prestigious award that the Irish Computer Society can bestow. Anne O’Leary is truly deserving of this recognition given her outstanding leadership and contribution in the ICT sector. She is also a wonderful role model for young students seeking to explore a career in STEM”.

Anne O’Leary, CEO Vodafone said: “I am truly delighted to be awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Irish Computer Society today. I am proud to work with Vodafone Ireland in an industry that excites and challenges me every single day. Vodafone has a vision for a Gigabit society for Ireland and I am committed to building a better future where Irish citizens have a better access to world class connectivity no matter where they live.”

Anne O’Leary added: “The diversity and inclusion agenda is a cause that is very close to my heart. The culture, behaviours and environment that we create in our organisations should ensure that we attract and retain talent regardless of gender, race or sexuality. The technology sector in Ireland has a responsibility to create the type of organisations that encourage our young women to pursue careers in STEM. We desperately need more young female talent in biotech, IT, tech communications, electronics, computing and med tech jobs and we must continue to improve and contribute to the creation of companies that allow employees to be at their very best.”

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