Animation Explainers develop video content to help complex businesses simplify and get their message across to their potential clients. Here’s the lowdown on their business, and what they can offer yours.

Describe your company.

We create simple animation videos which help to explain the type of product or service offering across a range of different companies, this sits as a simple icon on your website or any social media stream & will explain everything you do within 30 to 90 seconds.

The idea came from the desire to help companies in niche industries explain their otherwise complex operations in a simple and easy-to-understand format through the medium of short animated videos.

How are you different?

We offer a personalized and bespoke service from your first Linkedin message to delivering the animation project. We reach out to our clients on any platform they wish! Unlike most other video companies, we work hard in order to craft a solid written message and script so that the animation process is seamless. Myself and Aaron take time to get this part right, then we add first-class animation over the top of this initial message.

What you have at the end of the process is a video fit for your Business/Services landing page for anyone to watch and understand. We aim to simplify what can often be a confusing landscape for your average consumer.

Simple is not the first word that comes to your mind when you look at the current digital landscape, look at a few recent trends like blockchain, AI, Biomed and GreenTech. The potential for these ideas to radically transform and overhaul our institutions is massive so education around these industries is paramount.

Where are you based?

We are freelancing at the moment, so you will catch us literally anywhere and everywhere. If you need a video myself and Aaron will hop on a Luas and be with you as soon as we can!

When was the company launched?

Last summer Aaron and I birthed the idea in coffee shops and hotel lobbies after working for Marketo a SaaS company based in Sandyford. Aaron and I were on a sales internship there. Aaron told me he had bought the rights for and then we were off from there really, looking back now I cannot believe that a whole year has passed.

Working with Marketo fresh out of college taught us a vast amount about building up a sales process, how to pitch to potential clients and how to build up a strong brand online; so we do owe a lot to the time that we spend there.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Working with the likes of TimeBox on four videos, Mingocoin and Funderstoken on animation projects. At the moment, we are working within a really interesting but also a volatile area of cryptocurrencies/blockchain. We are able to pitch our ideas seamlessly… as long as we have good internet connection and keeping track of the time differences!

It can be overwhelming keeping track of different ICOs and watching prices fluctuate week on week, but it is certainly an exciting area to be working in right now. However, I must say that we do not only focus on these types of tech companies we have also worked with financial firms, and software companies.

MingoCoin 3 Minute Video

TimeBox Videos Video (Software)

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Look for people who compliment your own skills base. Aaron and I have a great ‘ying yang’ dynamic where Aaron is more process driven and analytical. I would be much more creative and marketing focused.

This is really the engine which is fueling Animation Explainers! Do not seek out people who have exactly the same view of things as your own. It is important to work as a team and listen to all stakeholder’s opinions in the business before making important decisions.

Tell us about your team?

Dylan Healy

A proud Manxman, Dylan graduated from Newcastle University, UK in 2015 and embarked on a career within the Mar-tech industry in Ireland last May 2016. Dylan nurtures our relationships with clients and organises the day to day running of Animation Explainers to ensure we are always committed to top quality customer service. In his spare time Dylan is a cinema fanatic, enjoys a good gig and a pint of the black stuff!

Aaron Connolly

Aaron is currently studying in Dublin City University for his in degree in Enterprise Computing. Aaron has a passion for technology and the latest trends in Marketing Software, strategies, operation and Animation. Aaron ensures that your companies vision is translated by his team into a fitting and bespoke Explainer video. In his spare time, Aaron is a keen footballer, Manchester United fan and enjoys walking the Dublin Mountains.

Animation Explainers uses an interesting E-commerce business model. The animations are developed & produced in Ireland, Can you explain how this is done?

At Animation Explainers we offer a simple 7 stage process to benefit from our quality explainer videos. Firstly, we have three specific packages to choose from. Once we have all the information we need, we get in touch to discuss the inner workings of your organization and its goals for marketing. Then we mockup a script via google drive to allow for seamless collaboration. After that we use professional recording equipment to ensure crystal clear delivery. Next it’s the animation process, we convey your business ideas through our stunning animated characters and transitions. Lastly we make sure to work after the animation process to fix anything & voila, deal done!

Our Process Video

What’s the biggest setback you’ve had in the last year?

During our first deal. I was recording all the voiceovers on my iPhone, basically under the towel in my car seat… we messed up a section of the script so it had to be redone quickly! It’s hilarious looking back at the things you do. When you are running a startup business like this, you have to do your best with limited resources, time and just be adaptable to your clients’ needs. The recording wasn’t fantastic, but we completed the video and got the sale over the line. Thankfully we’ve been able to invest in some good quality recording equipment since that point! You learn from your mistakes and you must put yourself out there and take feedback onboard to improve your processes and product as a whole.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to take our efforts full time and scale the business as soon as Aaron graduates from Dublin City University. We want to nurture the relationships we have made and build up our base of interesting and diverse clients around the world. Who knows what is around the corner?

We have a lot more plans for Animation Explainers.

You were recently on Joe Dalton’s Breakthrough Brands show, how did you find the experience?

It was an immensely interesting conversation. The podcast marked the highs and lows of our first year working at Animation Explainers.

Joe’s tempered style of interview really shone through and made myself and Aaron feel totally at ease throughout the course of the 35 minutes’ interview in his studio. A seasoned professional Mr. Dalton has enjoyed a vastly interesting base of interviewees notably he recently interviewed Tim Hughes who is a universally recognized leader in ‘social selling’ and he is actually ranked as number one as the most influential social seller in the world.

You can watch the podcast here;

Podcast –


How do people get in touch with you?

Visit our website at or contact us on [email protected]





If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking


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