While Andriod has continued to dominate Smartphone sales over the last couple of years, Apple have always pointed to their greater mobile web traffic numbers as a key indicator of customer engagement with their products.

However it now seems that Apple can no longer claim this to be the case. According to figures released by NetMarketShare, Android passed iOS for the first time in its history during July.

Infographic: Mobile Web: Android Surpasses Apple | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista}

While this may seem like somewhat of a victory for Android, if you dig a little deeper into the figures it is quite clearly not. Android has had a far greater market share for some time but yet it has taken this long to just about pass iOS in mobile web traffic.

What is clear though is that Android continues to grow in just about every segment that is measured. While Apple has always flown the quality over quantity flag, the expected upcoming selection of larger screen iPhones is surely aimed at removing some of the reasons why people have left iOS for Android.

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