The Android Market can be accessed from both your phone and on a computer at

Apps can be pushed straight to you phone from the website Market but just remember to login using the Gmail address you used to initially set your phone up.

Once you have found an App you like hit install and a pop up message will appear asking you what device you’d like to install it to.

Choose your device and signal permitting, it will start downloading and installing on you phone within seconds.


If you are experiencing network errors while using the Market on your phone there are a few simple steps to try first.

Firstly make sure you phone was setup correctly with a Gmail account initially. The Market needs to be linked with a functioning Gmail account or it will never work properly.

If you are experiencing difficulties while connected via your mobile network, try connecting to the Market while connected to a Wifi network. This will often resolve the issue.

If you are still having Network related issues try installing an App to the phone using the computer based Market.


Still having issues? Why not leave a comment below….






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