Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

I ‘m a former Google engineer with over 15 years experience in high-load distributed systems. In 2016 I founded a startup (AIMatter), focused on technology recognition and image processing, as well as working on launching neural networks on mobile devices. My startup was bought by Google in Aug 2017.

Now I am mainly focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence and its application to computer vision and machine intelligence. My secondary area of interests is blockchain-related tech applied to fintech and other spheres. Step by step blockchain will transform many industries, because this technology is famous for its high level of trustworthiness, that people and institutes need.

Why did you get involved with this blockchain-project?

I got involved in DeNet at the early stage as tech adviser given my extensive experience in building distributed, highly-loaded and yet robust infrastructure. I found this project interesting and reliable because of its main idea. While many projects were just trying to brand themselves, DeNet had already had the MVP (minimum viable product) or alpha-version, today any static site owner can upload his site on to DeNet and be sure that it’s safe. DeNet is a reliable storage as well.
I started to accompany the DeNet team, helping them stay focused on real business needs.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

I believe that decentralization is what will save the internet because it has many advantages such as the price (hosting in a decentralized network will be significantly cheaper), privacy (you can keep your data safe), finally it is because of the way the decentralized hosting is organized. DeNet will connect million computers into one data center, there are two kinds of participants of this market: those who rent out their computing power and those who rent. The DeNet team is moving in the right direction. Their tech may become a foundation of something on a much bigger scale.

Tell me, please, about the way you participate in this project?

One of my main interests is to help the DeNet team in core back end developing. It’s important to work it out well enough in the beginning. I suggested the fundamental approach, first conducting the research to find out prices of computing powers in a data center, find out how much conventional and powerful computers consume how profitable the DeNet hosting will be for its clients. We analyzed the encryption and selected the most suitable.

In general, a distributed network appeared for a long time, but it has become relevant at the present moment, as computers have become more powerful, the network becomes stronger, I think the guys have chosen the right time to launch DeNet.

How can people find out more about The ICO, you & your work?

To find more about me, simply visit my linkedIn profile. To get more details about DeNet just visit its web-site, try the alpha-version, register for the token sale or you can ask any question the DeNet team directly in telegram channel, upload the telegram and just follow the link.

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