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Naomh Founder of @DANIAwards. Digital Marketing Strategist, Lecturer & Trainer. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Founder of @DANIAwards. Digital Marketing Strategist, Lecturer & Trainer. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Your background?

Ah my background … Where to start? I actually started out as a primary school teacher. A vocation that just wasn’t for me, which is so ironic now as 80% of my time now is spent lecturing and training.

I was studying in St Mary’s in Twickenham and was having such a good time I didn’t want to come home so I managed to get myself a job with the Richmond and Twickenham Times selling classified ads. From there I then got a job at Ham Polo Club working on the events team which was literally one of the best jobs ever!! Long hours, but the best fun. Eventually I moved home and worked in Ulster Business magazine, radio and finally ended up cutting my teeth into the world of digital 8 years ago….


What are the DANI awards?

The DANI Awards are NIs digital industry awards … We’ve just celebrated the 5th year of the awards. They get bigger and more exciting every year.

IRE. USA UK. ? How does that work? Pros and cons of working in each?

I have been very lucky in winning work in various countries, Dubai being one of them since 2013. For me that’s where my future is.

How was last 12 months, what went well?

The last 12 months has been a rollercoaster. The market changes at such a fast pace it and be tricky at times to keep all the plates spinning. This last year has been the most challenging to date. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 12 bring.

Anything you’d do differently?

Yes – make decisions quicker.

Plans for the future?

Honestly who knows, I thought I had the future all figured out, but given the fast pace at which the sector changes who knows what’s round the corner. I am excited about how businesses will embrace all IoT … It excites me to see how different industries apply tech and innovative ideas to their business … Agri and smart farming is pretty cool … Smart Energy … The list goes on.

It’s imperative businesses embrace digital transformation to ensure the sustainability of their business.

You are active on twitter, how has it helped you?

Twitter is an amazing platform to engage in conversations … Gain industry insight and get your point across. It’s my personal favourite of all the social channels.

Digital marketing what are you excited about?

Is it sad that I genuinely love it all?!?? I think getting the right digital marketing strategy in place and executing it in the right way can drive your business through the roof.

As a lecturer and trainer your top tips for startups to do well?

Plan, plan, plan … People think having a successful online presence happens over night … It doesn’t! It takes planning, consistency and commitment.

Being a big user of social media, how do you manage life / work, and online / offline balance?

I am currently working on the art of detachment … I’d say I’m a bit of an addict … The first thing I do in the morning before I put my toe out of bed is check my google alerts … It’s very hard to switch off …

Because the working week in Dubai is Sunday to Thursday – Saturday is now the only day I really get to switch off … This digital world is so connected 24/7  … It’s easy to become addicted … We all need a digital detox from time to time.

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