By @SimonCocking An astronauts guide to life on earth by Chris Hadfield, reviewed. Chris Hadfield Canadian Astronaut, back on Earth after living aboard ISS as Commander of Expedition 35. Available to buy here.

After his recent latest successful visit to Ireland it seemed like a good time to review the paperbook edition of his book which came out in 2015. It’s a fun, inspirational read from someone who has both achieved a lot, and yet is also quite humble with it.

The book goes into more detail about all the interesting and quirky aspects of living in space, the challenges of brushing your teeth (you have to swallow – as spitting would inconvenience everyone else), and the need to be extremely careful when clipping your nails (his ended up floating back around the space cabin). More importantly though perhaps he talks a lot about how to aim for the stars while having a plan B too.

His own past medical history very nearly prevented him from being approved to go up into space, so he knew that it was pragmatic to have realistic expectations about how small the likelihood was that he would be one of the lucky few to become astronauts. From the very beginning being born a non US citizen meant the odds were even smaller in his favour. Knowing this meant he resolved to aim to do everything as well as possible to increase the chances of possible success, while at the same time knowing it might never come to anything, while wanting to be prepared if the opportunity ever arose.

For us at Irish Tech News we have been chipping away, trying to grow the business and the reach of our stories. In Ireland it has been challenging but we know however that if we keep working away, doing the right things, the opportunities and the breaks will come our way. Since upgrading the site last week things have gone bananas, it turns out it fixed some unintentional geo-blocking that was taking place. This has resulted in our global views going through the roof, again, and the bounce rate falling massively – as they can now see the content. Which has then in turn driven up the views again. We’ve had to upgrade the package twice in a week now.

All of which meant that this was a great time to read this book. Hadfield talks about aiming to be a zero when part of the space crew. By this he means, do not be a source of problems to others. If you can achieve this, you are already not a minus 1, and with a bit of luck you might even come to be a plus one too in time. In this way, by helping out, and treating people right, other things may well work out, and good things are more likely to come this way. It’s a fun book, read it, it has some good life insights, and he even talks about the ickier / trickier sides of life in the International Space Station too.

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