AMICORUM.LIVE (Latin word close to the meaning of Gathering of Friends) is a blockchain based innovative ecosystem that will decentralize the ticket resale industry using blockchain and secure identity platform.
We are changing the way people buy and sell tickets in the Secondary Ticket Re-Sale Market.
The platform will be secure, transparent and free of any transaction/processing fees for buying and selling only authenticated tickets in the secondary resale market.
Identities will be validated using Secure Identity Platform (SIP). Read more here

Ticket Ownership will be validated through smart contracts. Read more here

As a Seller you will be able to list your tickets on the platform and using a market-feed oracle, the price will be converted into AMI TOKENS in real time. And as a buyer, you will be able to pay with your AMI TOKENS by generating a transaction on the Ethereum Blockchain Network.

As the ticket prices are converted in real time and transactions are immuted through the blockchain, there will be no processing or transaction fees and no fraudulent tickets.

Why you should participate in our ICO?

– To support the decentralizing of the ticket re-sale industry. We are trying to take away any middle-men that charge huge amounts in transaction and processing fees.

Is it something you are passionate about?

– This is for the music industry and our niche focus is Music Festivals and Concerts. If you have been to a music festival or a concert, then our product is for you.

Can you see the potential to capture market share in the future?
– Our potential market is over 20% of 25.55B by 2022. Do you see a potential in this market?

Will you use this product?
-If you buy tickets for music festivals and concerts online, then you will use this product.

What does this technology achieve?
– Removes the middle-men, drives TRUE decentralization of the ticket re-sale market and allows users to be empowered.

Recently, an article in The Guardian was published covering a story on a ticket resale nightmare and this is what a person went through when buying tickets online in the secondary market:
“I bought two tickets from Viagogo displayed at €32 each. After our payment had been processed, a pop-up informed us we had been charged a €16 booking fee, a handling fee and VAT on top of the displayed price. All in all, this came to about €30 over the advertised price of the tickets. When you’re a student, that’s a week’s worth of groceries.” – AJ, London

This is just the ticketing platform fee and does not include bank charges, which is prevalent in several countries where banks take fees for using credit cards online.
AMICORUM.LIVE prevents this from happening in the real world using Cryptocurrency and Market Feed Oracle which does not need a intermediary to process the payments. There are no fees for listing tickets and buying tickets on the platform.

How capable is the team?
– The team is strong and supported by a combined experience of over 40 years in the digital world and over 6+ years of combined experience in BLOCKCHAIN AND BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY
Our FOUNDER and CEO has been an Advisor and Investor in several ICO’s in 2017 and currently advising on 3 new ICO’s.

Our Co-Founder has experience in managing investor relations as she comes with a successful client management experience.

Our Blockchain Development team has a combined experience of 8 years in Blockchain and UI development
Needless to say we have trusted Advisors like Simon Cocking and Amarpreet Singh

What does the future market look like?
– The global ticket market is set to reach over $24.55B by 2022 and AMICORUM.LIVE is targeting 20% of the market share by 2022. We are not over confident but definitely ambitious to reach this goal.

What does the timeline look like?
– Development by Q4 2018 if Pre-Sale and ICO go well and then Product launch by Q1 2019. Growth hack and user growth will be a part of the development phase in Q4, 2018

What’s the token supply?
– There are a total of 40,000,000 tokens for sale. Each phase has a set limit of tokens to be sold.

What is the token allocation?
45% Product Development
30% Marketing
15% Legal & Security
10% Working Capital

What are the incentives?
30% Bonus for Private Investors
20% Bonus for All other investors with no minimums

Click Here for the Participation Guide

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