Many of you may already be familiar with the Bitcoin and Ethereum. But apart from these, there are numerous other crypto currencies that are doing the rounds. These are called “Altcoins” for example NEO, Ripple, and Dash etc. Guest post by Amicorum.

But these are just a few. Why does crypto currency world need altcoins? This is not the important question but “what do these altcoins do”?

Altcoins make over 60% of the today’s crypto currency trade. There are two types of Altcoins — and equity based or utility based tokens. Equity tokens are sold to provide incremental profits to the buyers/investors and Utility Tokens are sold for usage on the platforms. Their value either always stays stagnant or increases based on the usage of the platform.

We at AMICORUM.LIVE present to you AMI Tokens — the only Utility tokens that will be used on “OUR PLATFORM” for sale and purchase of tickets in the secondary re-sale market. The tokenization model focuses on real time conversion of ticket price into AMI Tokens (value from exchange) and usage by both buyers and sellers.

The platform will allow users to list their tickets on our platform, converting the value of ticket prices into AMI tokens (real time) and then allow buyers to buy the tickets using the AMI Tokens. The architecture will take values from the exchange and present the value to the seller during listing and buyer during purchase of tickets.

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