Those of us who have iPhones should be worried as it’s now possible to unlock almost any iPhone even if it’s secured with your password. A little black box called an IP-BOX which is sold online for £120, works by bruteforcing iPhone passcodes, repeatedly guessing the password until it finds the right one. As iPhones were designed to be impregnable to bruteforce attacks this latest development will have iPhone owners worried.


The iPhone limits the number of password guesses you can have when you try to unlock the phone and you can even have it delete all its contents after ten failed guesses. The IP-BOX bypasses all the security settings on the iPhone by connecting directly to the phone’s hardware and battery. By connecting to the battery it cuts the power when the phone detects that a wrong password has been entered and this ensures that phone doesn’t realise that it is being hacked. The IP-BOX can take from an hour to one hundred hours to guess an iPhones password and to a criminal that’s time well spent.

The IP-BOX can only search for four digit passwords and it won’t work if your iPhone has iOS 8.1.1 or above installed on it. Also worth noting is the fact that your iPhone can’t be hacked if your password is either alphabetical,
alphanumeric or a five digit plus numerical password.

If you have any iPhone that does not have iOS 8 on it then it could be hacked. The IP-BOX can also be used on iPod Touches and iPads that don’t have iOS 8.1.1 or above installed on them.

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