69% of adults in Ireland have stated that they are more likely to buy from companies that act in a responsible way, even when compared with cheaper ‘less responsible’ options.

The survey reveals Irish people’s viewpoints on the overall culture and practices of Irish businesses, and what they believe makes a responsible business today. The research also highlighted that only 1 in 4 believes that the majority of businesses in Ireland operate in a responsible manner.

The YouGov research polled 1,072 adults (16+) from across the Republic of Ireland. This nationally representative survey was commissioned by global technology company, Ricoh, as part of its Responsible Growth initiative.

Findings revealed that Irish workers are most attracted to companies which offer good working conditions (61%), a positive culture (53%) and a good work/ life balance (52%). Surprisingly, regular pay rises ranked lowest with less than a third (31%) citing it as important.

When asked what a business needs to do to be considered a responsible business, the highest priority was treating employees well (75%), including not abusing their rights. The next highest priorities were being honest about products and pricing (74%); following the law (62%); paying the right amount of tax (59%) and reducing environmental impact where they can (56%).

The research also revealed that the not-for-profit/ charity sector is perceived to act most responsibly. This was followed in second place by the technology sector, with the retail and healthcare sectors in joint third.

Gary Hopwood, general manager, Ricoh Ireland, comments on the findings:

“There is clearly a need for Irish businesses to act more responsibly as they look to grow. The most successful firms promote a positive working culture and place people at the heart of everything they do. Employees are now looking for much more than just a pay packet at the end of the month from their employers. Businesses need to recognise this and provide them with great working environments and a work/life balance that meets their needs.

“Irish business leaders now have an exciting opportunity to prove they can deliver responsible growth, providing economic security along with support for employees, communities and society. Our research shows that responsibility can promote business growth and also help businesses become an employer of choice.

The full white paper on the survey results is available to download from Ricoh’s website http://ricoh.ie/

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