AllCast has come out of Beta today and is available to download from the Play Store now. AllCast is a handy little App that lets you stream video and image content from an Android device to devices such as Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and Google TV set top boxes (+ many others).

The App has been developed by the same person behind ClockWorkMod Recovery, Helium and ClockWorkMod Tether. Music streaming is in the works and also support for Chromecast once Google releases the full API for that device.

The free version in the Play Store offers a limited experience, solely to let you triall the App before you pay for the full version, if you so wish. We’ve tried the App out with Apple TV and have had no issues to report. Two of the main things we looked out for was battery drain and excessive device temperature as these are the most common issues with applications like this. Thankfully neither was an issue.

If you want to buy the full version (which you’ll need to if you plan on using this App regularly) it will set you back €3.65. You can download it from the Play Store on this link and check out the video below for a demonstration from the developer.


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