Introduction to Drones, the new online course from Alison is another in a series of innovative courses from the online learning platform.

This free online course “Introduction to Drones” helps the learner develop knowledge about the main components and parts that are found in drones and how they are built and prepared for flight. The course includes information on flight terms like roll, pitch, yaw and throttle and it covers common acronyms that are used when talking about drones.

Mike Feerick, CEO and Founder of Alison said, “Learners will develop an understanding of the processes of assembly, preparing motors, electronic speed controllers and power distribution board, along with setting up for filming while flying a drone. At Alison we continue to deliver courses that are relevant in today’s world.”

This course will be of interest to learners who would like to know how a typical drone is assembled and indeed anyone with a general interest in the emergence of drone technology.

You can find out more about the course here.

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