What is your background briefly?

I was born in 1975 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I finished school with compliments and the same year passed the exams for the Kazakhstan National Technical University. During my teenage years I played sports and was a member of Kazakhstan Sea Pentathlon team that includes swimming, running, shooting, rowing and sailing. Working hard every day and achieving goals was how I lived my life and still do now.

I started my working career when I was a student at a call-center and first line support engineer in the Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Center of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (KISC). That was a memorable time when Kazakhstan started implementing a new Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS). During a year I received the knowledge and experience that predefined my future area of work – payment systems.

In 1997 I successfully graduated from the University with honors and received a diploma in Engineering. I did not change my employer and participated in software development projects for the payment system for the next three years.

In 1998 I made the decision to get my second degree – MBA in Kazakhstan Institute of Marketing and Strategic Research. After graduation I was promoted to a head of Payment system development Department in the KISC. Over the next 15 years the development of Kazakhstan’s payment system and international cooperation with Central banks of other countries, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, European Central Bank became a priority. We achieved our RTGS system compliance to the Ten Core Principles for systemically important payment systems, built SWIFT Service Bureau for Kazakhstan banks, providing less expensive and more convenient access to SWIFTNet, introduced new on-line Retail bill payment system and E-money wallet.

My private business experience started when I co-founded a company distributing self-service kiosks that were used by people for recharges and bill payments. I was able to see how people’s habits change from visiting service providers’ offices and bank branches to using touch screens in the supermarkets, gas stations and streets. Between 3-5 years almost every person in our country was aware of payment kiosks. We successfully sold the business when I decided to found a payment processing company for the wide range of participants: kiosk owners, banks, service providers, utility aggregators. The same concept was later cloned in India.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes. My engineering experience helps me easily understand IT people, that is extremely important while evaluating task performance or discussing the implementation of new projects. I am doing the same things which I have been doing since 1998. I am fond of payments, systems and now blockchain technology.

One min pitch for what you are doing now?

There are two projects in my home country – Kazakhstan – where I am mostly involved in supervision, planning and negotiations. Both projects are mature enough and have qualified teams that they can exist without my extensive involvement.

The most important project for me now is PayPortal, I can see the huge potential for growth. I would say that we come to a point when we have a great solution which we can offer on the market. This is the right time when also many companies are uncertain about their future. We are continuously discussing new features for our partners, evaluating feedback and I am personally very much involved in the ICO.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

I am the owner. A key objective for PayPortal is to raise sufficient capital to execute our plans. The strong cash position will give us a clear runaway to acquire new customers, expand within the current area of Delhi and NCR and other geographic markets (Maharashtra, Rajasthan, etc.), develop new technologies and provide new services.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

Payments never die. Methods can be transformed, simplified and this is a non-stop process. India is one of the biggest countries in the World and digitization of the Indian population is only just beginning, and we believe that PayPortal will be a part of tackling this challenge.

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