Dr. Martin Serrano will be speaking at the upcoming AI conference in Mayo on November 20, 2018

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Here is an abstract of his paper:

“Recent Advances on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Convergence 
for Human-Centric Applications”

The way we communicate today is changing very fast, from large use of social networks to share, buy and communicate to how we access online books from a library or get transportation services in a city.

The evolution is to have more social-enabled devices and to use our wearable daily devices (i.e. smart phones, smart watches, smart bands, etc.) for improving user experience and quality of life.  A typical scenario is shopping based on our most common activities according to where our connected devices have been located. For example, if an individual frequently visits comic shops or attend comic-related events his devices’ location will be able to provide a good profile description based on the related information about the location and the events happening. At the same time we can expect AI solutions running analytic services and machine learning algorithms to suggest more shopping options, events or even the cheapest prices in the vicinity according to those personal preferences and activity.

Another reference use case is providing mobility around city services based on the regular activities of where our devices and wearables are located, thus instead of planning routes manually the AI and IoT technologies will analyse the geographical information about roadworks or traffic congestions and will look for advising the best travel routes or even book the train and shuttle tickets when this way is faster than using other types of transportation.

In those two scenarios the individual preferences will be also identified and included by providing a good list of products that the individual may be interested based on personal experiences or personal preferences and thus this take the best decisions.

These scenarios using IoT and AI, big Data and Analytics will be real in a very short term.

The Internet of Things known as also as the Network of Connected Devices around the world, has rapidly matured and is already considered one of the most disruptive technology advances that is changing every aspect of our society,

IoT has passed from being a technology-industry driven domain to have much more interest from multiple scientific communities and today is already considered not only the scientific but also Industrial evolution of the Internet. In the other hand Artificial Intelligence is promising to be the solution to those activities where data processing, information management and advance analysis is used for better response and adaptiveness of technological solutions.

Artificial Intelligence and IoT are related for the future of multi-domain applications and integrated services, It is expected to see the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, IoT technology, BIG Data and Analytics in the form of real-world applications that can leverage the next generation of AI IoT-enabled applications like Intelligent Assistant Robots IoT-enabled.

We also should expect to see in mid-term, human-centred assistance living for elderly people by means of AI/IoT-enabled applications that can provide better user experience and life care improvement.

Dr. Martin Serrano is an experienced Data Scientist… at Insight Centre for Data Analytics and head of the Internet of Things, Stream Processing and Intelligent Systems Research Unit. He holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC Tech), Spain and before joining academia, he worked as Senior Engineer Supervisor in KME/National Panasonic Japan. Dr. Serrano works in IoT/M2M and Smart Cities and currently he leads two research labs, one in Sensor Technology and the second one in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering Systems (AIRES Research Lab)

To register for the Conference – check out the website


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