Agile Velocity (, an Austin-based transformation company, has helped dozens of corporations navigate their Path to Agility™. In fact, Agile Velocity (AV) has been recognized recently as a catalyst for efficient product development and value creation by several Fortune 50 corporations.

Erik Cottrell, AV’s Senior Vice President of Client Success and Strategy explored the connection between Agile integration and EA when featured in Architecture & Governance Magazine. Cottrell, along with AV Founder and CEO David Hawks, were also quoted in stories appearing in Money Inc. and HealthCare Weekly.

Given AV’s media emergence, this was an excellent time to visit with Cottrell about the benefits of an organizational change and what the transformation process looks like.

Tell us about Agile Velocity and how it helps businesses become more cost-efficient?

Agile Velocity helps organizations accelerate their agility. Our company is a full-service transformation partner. Our team is comprised of coaching and training experts who offer customized pragmatic solutions based on where a particular organization currently stands and where they want to be. By leveraging our Path to Agility™ framework, AV advises clients on the best way to avoid common pitfalls of an Agile transformation and deliver value to the organization’s customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

What drives organizations to become Agile?

Agile transformations often start with an individual or a small group who recognize that their organization has an opportunity to improve. They understand firsthand the organization can’t keep up and is now falling behind. Here are some driving forces that bring new clients to us:

  • A new C-level executive has been hired, who has the authority (and courage) to
    embrace initiatives that can transform the company, but doesn’t know where to start.
  • A new competitor emerges, forcing the company to respond with little margin for error.
  • A new employee is hired who has experienced the benefits of the Agile approach and is championing agility to their boss.


The Logistics of an Organizational Transformation

How are the AV personnel involved?

AV configures teams to address the size and scope of the transformation. Each role is designed to help organizations successfully accelerate through the chaos and resistance seen with any change.

Engagement starts with our expert Agile trainers, who educate the organizations on fundamental principles and practices. Next, we embed a team of Agile coaches on-site to assist the organization, teams, and leaders through the various stages of change. Throughout the engagement, the organization also has the support of our Client Services and Operations teams.

How long does an organizational transformation take on average?

We get this question a lot. The truth is it’s complicated to answer, because every organization is different. A sizable organizational transformation is, frankly, a significant investment. Our goal is to confidently and successfully accelerate the transformation and that takes time.

Depending on the size of the organization and the level of change they’re seeking, we’ve seen it take anywhere from 6 months to multiple years to fully and effectively form an agile organization. It is important to note that while a transformation can be a long journey, it doesn’t mean the journey isn’t full of little wins along the way.

In what industries are you getting the most traction and why?

The health industry is a great example. The industry is dynamic—with disruptors challenging market leaders for billions of dollars. You don’t get many second chances, so business agility is becoming more critical.

Similarly, the transportation industry is highly competitive. Maintaining a competitive edge requires having the foresight to appreciate the cost-effective role Agile can play in overall growth. We have also had successful Agile transformations with businesses in industries across the board such as fintech, healthcare, marketing, automotive, and technology.

What makes AV different than other firms that purport to offer the same thing?

AV is committed to a tailored and holistic approach. Our approach is different because it is personalized to an individual company’s needs, rather than trying to apply a blanket solution across all clients. AV takes the time to understand a client’s problems and needs before suggesting a solution.

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