By @SimonCocking. It’s been a great summer, lots of cool interviews and stories from interesting innovators and thought leaders. Here are the latest highlights to digest in your own time over the weekend. And did we hear that the schools go back on Monday too, double whoop whoop. As ever if you’d like to be featured drop us a line at [email protected] , thanks again as always for reading.

Bullet proof coffee shots and more. Report from the European Biohackers Summit by Justin Lawler

Working with mindfulness, keeping calm and focused to get the job done. Book review

Our Evolution towards Ubiquitous Intelligence by Denis Canty

Sony FDR-X1000VR Action Cam reviewed, great for capturing good hands-free videos

The future of working (remotely) interview with Emmotional Resilience author Geetu Bharwaney

How Digital Banking is helping to reduce the unbanked

Anthemis Fellowship will challenge you. Are you ready?

10 Exciting IoT Companies Making Waves in Tech

The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst, reviewed by Ciara Garvan

Successful annual World Council of Credit Unions takes place in Belfast, Andi Jarvis reports

From Africa to Ireland and back again. SafeMotos, African startup story via Irish startup incubator

I dare you, win the debate in your own head by Blaise Brosnan, review

How a crappy PowerPoint lost Nike a once in a lifetime athlete by Ed Fidgeon-Kavanagh

Learning to code? Some tips for getting started

Tech startup commercialisation global gathering in Moscow. Conference of global technoparks IASP 2016

Blockchain technology is promising but not the solution to every problem. Exclusive interview with Sebastien Meunier, top fintech influencer

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