AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile network security, today announced that it is protecting mobile subscribers across North America, Europe and the Middle East against threats arising from exploitation of the SS7 network.

Heightened awareness of SS7 vulnerabilities has driven an increase in demand for protection against a range of attacks, including location tracking and call interception. AdaptiveMobile’s global Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) has grown significantly in conjunction with this increased demand as its unique community-based intelligence enables the Company to correlate SS7 events across the globe and actively identify and protect against threats to operator networks.

“Mobile operators worldwide are investing in protecting critical SS7 infrastructure, and are selecting AdaptiveMobile’s SS7 Protection as our unique intelligence provides the most sophisticated defence,” said Brian Collins, chief executive officer of AdaptiveMobile. “But as all carriers converge on LTE networks, the industry must not be complacent. We will be working with customers to bring the same pioneering intelligence and defence to future networks in order to ensure the same degree of protection across all networks types, be it GSM, CDMA and LTE as Diameter becomes a target of exploitation.”

AdaptiveMobile’s SS7 Protection has been recognised by the industry for its unique three-point defence against SS7-based threats which combines a next generation Intelligent Firewall and advanced security analytics with the global community-based threat intelligence from the TIU. The Company has been nominated for Most Innovative Security Strategy (Vendor) at the Leading Lights Awards, held in conjunction with the Big Communications Event (BCE) happening in Austin, Texas May 24th-25th.

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