By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU

For the first time, amateurs will be able to acquire a professional underwater drone. Blueye Robotics announced that high-quality underwater drones used by filmmakers and oceanographers are now accessible to everyone with a smartphone.

“This can be a very precious instrument for us because we are roaming the oceans to have a view underneath the surface. That would be a breakethrough for us” Said Steffen Biersack, expedition leader, Hurtigruten.

The use of a Virtual Reality helmet will make this experience unbelievable. “It’s an underwater world, especially when you use the movie mask, it is like diving. It’s just an incredible thing to do”.

Underwater life is beautiful and this drone can go so deep that one of them already has filmed a ghost shark at 129 meters under the sea. It’s really uncovering the last frontier for humans the ocean at a depth we haven’t even begun to see. Scuba divers go to 18 meters and Advanced divers 40 meters. With this VR underwater drone you can now push the limits of human kind.

Because ocean colors fade below 16ft, this drone is the only solution to return true colors to images through special color filter designed by optics. The drone is easy to control as there is a mobile app. The drone also has a full HD camera. It can bring light up to 490 ft under the surface of the ocean. The drone is equipped of a hydro-dynamic balancing design keeping it stable even in strong currents.

Different voyages already have been lived with this special drone. On July 6, Fishing for Blackbelly Rosefish at 120M. On June 23, Shark diving in Norvegian Waters. On April 22, under ice robotics research and Arctic Algae Bloom mapping at 78 degrees North. On April 15, vacation with blueye pioneer at Gran Canaria. On April 5, runiing the pioneer under ice. On March 29, Exploring historical barge and flying with chimeras at 120M depth.

More information on the latest voyage here.

You will be able to obtain one of these exploring creatures for $3000

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