Since I interviewed Kevin Deasy, the CEO from Accounting Pro Ireland for my Irish Tech News podcast last October, things have gotten a lot busier for them, and they are not complaining, as they are also shortlisted in the Best Use of Technology in Accountancy & Finance category at this years’ Irish Accountancy awards, which take place this Thursday the 26thof April in the Ballsbridge Hotel Dublin.

Accounting Pro Ireland offers accounting services for contractors, start-ups & SMBs including PAYE Umbrella and Personal Limited companies to the busy Irish contractor mainly in the IT sector and also general accounting, tax & payroll services to Tech start-ups and SMEs.

To deal with the increased volume of business that they have been getting, they have developed a web-based online portal that allows them to process all their clients plus their own internal needs. This system is now available under a licensing agreement for client companies and any company that needs a back-office/Finance and Accounting system with multiple uses.

This web-based application, internally, allows clients and accounting pro employees to process their respective accounting work all within 1 system which is accessible via a portal page on Accounting Pro’s website. Timesheets, expenses, tax related data can be shared and updated, queries can be raised and resolved via the system, and invoices can be raised and sent to end clients. Being able to sell this system as a standalone application to companies, so that they can handle their accounting, invoicing, CRM, documents, project management, marketing, sales and leads platform and general back office administration activities in 1 system, providing the end user with an easy to use, secure system that allows them to process their accounting work in 1 location.

So, what are the major benefits of this new system?

  • The flexibility of the business model to support many types of business with the same accounting service.
  • The adaptability of the system to support both the core activities of our team and our clients in our core accounting activities and to also offer the same system as an overarching support system to start-ups and SMEs as their core processing system.
  • The system has saved over 30-man-hours of work per week since it was implemented, which adds up to a significant financial gain to Accounting Pro Ireland, and the fact that it can now be shared as a core processing system for other companies means it will be another revenue stream for the company.
  • The system has a CRM, document management, employee detail/time management tracking, project management and core processing capability which makes it easy to use.
  • As the system allows you to process your accounting work in 1 location, it is ideally suited for the new GDPR regulations that come’s into law on May 25th.

As more and more people in the IT sector are going down the contracting route, it’s great to have a company that recognises this and helps contractors, as well as start-up’s, save money and man-hours.

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