Accenture in Ireland has launched its 2018 graduate recruitment campaign which has been completely redesigned to identify a candidate’s individual key strengths, through an immersive process involving augmented reality, virtual reality and strengths-based interviewing.

The company has approached its recruitment campaign differently this year to deliver an differentiated candidate experience and to give them the best opportunity to demonstrate their personal attributes and passion for the roles on offer.

Accenture has leveraged digital innovation as part of the recruitment process to remove unintentional biases towards candidates, providing a very robust and valid assessment. This is an integral part of Accenture’s core values; allowing its people to bring their authentic selves to work every day, so they can be their best and, in turn, help Accenture deliver its best for its clients.

After an initial online application, which takes only 20 minutes, candidates receive a link to complete an online assessment through an Accenture portal. This portal comprises a mix of assessments using augmented reality that scores candidates across key capabilities including motivated learner, online collaborator and client partner.

Successful candidates are then invited to a new highly interactive Assessment Day at Accenture’s The Dock. Being held between 16 October and 23 November, this stage of the process incorporates leading virtual reality technology, mini exercises and strengths-based interviewing

Accenture uses the CAPP Virtual Reality (VR) assessment, the world’s first VR assessment platform, immersing candidates into various scenarios to provide fair and levelled measurement for all participants. On the day, there are three different VR environments, all of which are evaluating the candidate’s skills and strengths in data interpretation, problem solving, resilience and the ability to work agile.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Alastair Blair, country managing director at Accenture in Ireland said: “It is fantastic to see our recruitment team truly evolve the recruitment process and embed digital innovation in this year’s campaign. At Accenture, we’re most proud of our people, who are the heart of our success. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace, where our people are fully supported to learn, develop their skills and are encouraged to bring the best of themselves to work every day. That starts with this recruitment process, before graduates even walk through our door.”

A core part of this year’s campaign strategy is bringing to life Accenture’s eco values, while supporting the sustainability efforts of students.

To achieve this Accenture has designed a new digital grad brochure. Taking the place of the printed version, this year’s brochure saves 210,000 pages from being printed. The company has created eco-friendly paper and pencils filled with seeds that can be planted after use, as a unique way of communicating with students on campus while reminding them of the importance of promoting a cleaner environment. The seeds include wildflowers, basil, cherry tomatoes and sunflowers.

Alastair Blair adds: “Sustainability is incredibly important to Accenture and we have a role in supporting the acceleration of the global shift to a low-carbon economy. This is vitally important to us all including the next generation. Globally Accenture has reduced our per-employee carbon emissions by more than 52 percent against our fiscal 2007 baseline—surpassing our 2020 goal of 50 percent.”

Accenture’s graduate programme consists of three streams that final year undergraduate or postgraduate students can apply for – Analytics, Consulting and Technology. Salaries start at €32,000 and graduates are provided with intensive training, mentorship and live project experience.

Combined with these professional growth opportunities, the programme offers graduates with rewards and benefits including private healthcare, paid overtime, 20+ days holidays, two paid volunteering days per year, a personal laptop and paid professional society membership.

Applications for Accenture’s graduate programme opened in September and remain open until 4 November 2018. Students can apply today online at

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